Welcome to Finezt Systems! Finezt provides services to private individuals and organisations as well as providing startup resources to communities and businesses. Starting out as a privately based free website hosting provider Finezt has expanded to a good number of subsidiary operations. Finezt provides services such as hosting of any type, data management, data security, or application server based services such as Virtual desktops, or entire Virtual servers. Finezt offers a few services that can be used by the public for free. Finezt supports if not completely operates smaller operations privately to organisations that can operate alongside Finezt Systems or independently.

In addition to the free and public services listed below, if private individuals, businesses, or organisations have a custom request for Finezt Systems, they can use the contact page to send us a query.

  • Finezt GTY Content delivery network
  • Finezt Section 6 – Cryptography and security
  • Finezt Section 1 – Research and development of IT
  • Finezt Section 4 – Cloud based services, and VPN services
  • Finezt web hosting
  • An IMAP, and SMTP service (Free Email)
  • Data Warehouse
  • Finezt Recursive DNS Servers
  • Free Teamspeak 3 Hosting
  • Social media network*